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  • Fall fun in Kamloops


    I’ve been to a fair number of small-ish towns and cities in British Columbia (a few favourites are Invermere, Cranbrook and really just anywhere in the Columbia Valley). This weekend marked my first trip to Kamloops, BC. A three hour drive from Vancouver, Kamloops is located at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River […]

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  • All the crafts


    I’ve had loads of fun crafting with friends lately. My three latest pieces are pressed flower art, a painted globe and a wooden sign. I learned about flower pressing from a class taught by Ayla of Gypsy Skulls. It was more challenging than it looks! We practiced our layouts, then used spray adhesive to place […]

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  • Most amazing cake ever

    cross stitch cake

    How seriously amazing is this cake my co-workers made for me? It’s no secret that I love cross stitch. I spend a lot of my free time making ridiculous or raunchy pieces for friends. I love it so much I even have a cross stitch tattoo! So when my coworkers made me that cake, comprised […]

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  • Do you need an Accountability partner?


    Yes, you probably do. Maybe you want to lose weight. Find a partner. Leave a partner. Get a better handle on managing your emotions, start a business, run a marathon. Whatever it is you want to change – it’s not going to be easy. I’ve accomplished some big things that took a lot more effort than opening a bag […]

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  • Smarter grocery shopping

    Grocery pricing

    If you’re a member of any mom’s Facebook groups, you’re probably very familiar with the “what does your family spend on groceries each month?” posts. Usually, the original poster is hoping to figure out if they’re spending more or less than the average household, or for tips on how to make their dollar stretch further […]