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  • First Christmas in Nova Scotia

    It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for 9 months already. Where did the time go? Winter has finally arrived, and though we’ve had a couple of days with snow on the ground, we didn’t get a white Christmas. My cousin Laura brought us lobster on the 23rd and we had a great lunch – […]

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  • My Etsy Shop

    I love scouring thrift and vintage shops and garage sales for unique, beautiful, vintage things. But in our new, smaller home, I don’t have places to display all the awesome stuff I find. So a few weeks ago I launched at Etsy store. Feathers & Old Fashioneds lets me indulge in the thrill of the […]

  • The Old Ten Spot
  • Those sunsets!

    When I’m buying a house, finding one with a great sunset view has never been high on my list of requirements. I’m a little directionally challenged, and typically can’t find west anyway.  So it was a pleasant surprise when we bought our property to discover that we’re rewarded nightly with the most spectacular sunsets. Here […]

  • Personal Finance
  • The cost of our life

    A few friends and acquaintances have asked me how we’ve been able to afford the massive lifestyle change we’ve undertaken. Did we receive an inheritance? Were living expenses in Nova Scotia THAT much cheaper than Alberta? Because I find talking about money fascinating (hence having written two personal finance books), I thought I’d share exactly […]