8 weeks and counting

Eight weeks left. That’s all I have left in Alberta.

I say “I” instead of “we,” because we STILL haven’t decided when Keith and the kids will make the move. If the house hasn’t sold when I need to go, he might stay a few weeks longer with the girls. That would allow him to make the cross country drive in April versus March, which I feel would be smarter and safer.

Why do I need to go sooner? Because I got a job! I managed to land a fantastic gig as a Communications Officer with a nearby municipality. By Skype, no less. I’ll be creating their communications department from scratch, and I start April 3. It’s a fantastic opportunity with a good salary, benefits and a pension. It’s the safety net we never imagined we would have in this adventure.

I’ll have a daily 45 minute highway commute (each way) – podcasts and Hoopla (audio books from the library) will be my saving grace. I may even get a Bluetooth earpiece and revive the art of the phone call.

We have decided to sell most of our possessions, as our NS place is tiny and already furnished. We’ve been purging madly. Keith will drive a truck and 7’x14′ trailer with the things we can’t bear to part with. We listed our house two weeks ago and have had half a dozen showings so far. Fingers crossed that it sells soon.

We’ve been spending all of our free time soaking up our friends and family. Dinners out and in, curled up on couches talking until 3 a.m., wing nights and playdates at play places. I’m trying to cram in as much friend time before it takes a $700 flight and a week of vacation to see the people we have loved so hard over the last 23 years (for me) and 39 years (Keith).

We’ve also had fun taking in a few final Alberta adventures, like snow tubing at Norquay, and planning an upcoming West Edmonton Mall Waterpark trip.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Gail says: Reply

    Those 8 weeks will fly by for sure. Helps my heart to know that you have great family in Nova Scotia who will make the transition so very much easier. Nova Scotia will be all the better for the beautiful family coming their way. XO GG

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