A chicken update

It feels like just a few weeks ago we had brought home a box of baby chicks. I initially thought we’d have 5 or 6 laying hens, but there’s this thing called “chicken math” and before you know it you’re trading chickens in a parking lot or bringing home hens in a feed bag.

I stopped at a neighbour’s to buy a couple older laying hens. I didn’t have a box so he put them in a feed bag! Apparently it’s a farmer thing.

I’ve had as many as 25 over the summer, but am down to a more manageable 18. I have two more boys to ship out, and I think 16 will be a good number for our flock.
We don’t supplement with light in the winter, which means they’ll lay fewer eggs in the winter, but their laying life will be extended. That means less chicken wheeling and dealing, but less stress about re-homing extra boys. 

Look how little they were!

Now they’re all grown up. 

Hen Solo is our favourite.
The whole gang at bedtime
She’s just so pretty! We do have to give her regular haircuts so she can see.
Prim and Petal get trims too

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  1. Laurel says: Reply

    I love this story Sarah. I wondered how you got so interested in chickens and they certainly are unique and yes, even pretty.

  2. Gail says: Reply

    Great story! They are really fun to watch too.

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