A lesson from a girls weekend

You know how every circle of women has that one friend who is a little bit out there? She’s loud, smart, confident, generous, funny, blunt and willing to let it all hang out (literally, she might whip up her top at a moment’s notice) in the name of honesty, friendship and fun. She’s authentic and inspiring and real.

Imagine taking each of “that friend” from nine different circles of friends and throwing them together in one house for a weekend. Add wine, and you’ve got the most epic girls weekend ever.

Last weekend I headed to Vancouver with (9, 10? I can’t remember) women from BC and Alberta. I had only met one of the women previously – we were friends in an online group, brought together by our blogging and uncompromising honesty.

We stayed at one friend’s lovely house in West Vancouver, sleeping in toddler beds and couches as necessary and sharing just two bathrooms. We went for a lovely lunch in Fort Langley (where we terrified the other patrons with our uncensored talk, laughter and tears), got fitted for bras and hit up an adult store as well. We stayed in for dinner each night and sat around the living room drinking wine, howling with laughter (and crying sometimes too) and talking about our relationships with our partners and friends and ourselves. We talked about our bodies and our sex lives, but never our kids, work or weight (we talk about those enough with our normal friends).

Over dim sum on the Sunday morning we each shared our “take away” from the weekend. What had we learned about ourselves from all the sharing that had happened?

One of the women said that her lesson was that she had to examine her heart and figure out what she really needed from her people (spouse, kids, friends) and then ask for it. She had to start asking for the help, support, attention and love she really needs.

We suggested that not only did she need to start asking, but she had to ask again and again until she got the thing she needed. That some of the people she asked would say no, and that was ok, but it didn’t mean she needed to stop asking. If she really needed something, it might mean hearing no and finding a new person to ask. We have to stop silencing ourselves for the sake of others.

Have you had a girls weekend like this? Or a night out with friends that just blew your mind and changed your perspective forever? I hope you have!


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  1. Sounds like such a soul fulfilling weekend! You are very lucky to have a group of supportive women like this around you!

  2. JodyR says: Reply

    I’ve never had a blow your mind girl’s weekend, but I usually do get some great take-away, even if it’s just a recommendation with pretty much every interaction I have with groups of women. I used to do a ton of girl’s weekends but I’ve really backed off in recent years. In some ways I miss it, but in other ways I actually don’t.

  3. I can’t tell you how sad I am that I missed this weekend. But it warms my heart that you ladies had such a great time and connected so deeply. This is a wonderful group of women. Counting down the days until the next meet up!

  4. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!

  5. Tiffany @ MyDirt says: Reply

    It was epic in ways I never knew it could be. It was an honour and a privilege to be in the presence of such amazing, open, honest, loving, non-judging, non poop shaming ladies! Love you!

  6. You captured the weekend well, Sarah. And made me cry all over again. You freaks have a huge chunk of my heart. I feel so lucky in friendship.


  7. Erin says: Reply

    It was a lovely weekend. Sad I didn’t get all of it and that I missed out on hats and bras, but it was soul electrifying and giggle filled. Love you all!

  8. This weekend was amazing in every way, I felt full from love and acceptance and went home with sore abs from laughing so hard. Thank you all you amazing ladies for opening up and letting me share my crazy.

  9. So happy to hear you all had such a wonderful time! I’ve never had anything like this. One of the downsides to moving to lots of different countires, it is difficult to find ways to connect at this level with friends. But a girl can dream that someday I’ll get to take part! You all look radient with happiness (and no shortage of booze I am sure…teehee)

  10. My H Cups are happy.

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