I like to do all the things!

Some things I’ve done:

Swam with sharks in New Zealand
Made over 1,000 meals for Calgary charity Made by Momma
Written two published personal finance guides
Written and as-yet-unpublished novel
Appeared on dozens of television shows, including CBC National News Magazine at 18 and Canada AM at 24
Published more than 800 articles in newspapers and magazine across Canada
Bought an old campground in Annapolis Valley
Played and coached roller derby for eight years

Things I’m in the middle of doing:

Raising three girls
Writing a young adult novel
Working full time
Preparing to move to Nova Scotia in April 2017

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  1. Danielle Noble says: Reply

    My eldest daughter aged 10 had long hair. She woke up one morning and decided she’d had enough of the locks and demanded to have her hair cut short. I was so proud of her! She looks absolutely stunning and all the children at school were immediately impressed and she got a lot of compliments. Family were in shock, but now feel proud that she has a strong sense of self. Society has an extremely long way to go in order to treat women equally and not judge.

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