Bacon Breakfast Muffins

Growing up, my mom made most of the family meals. But on the weekend, dad made bacon. He was a bricklayer, a man’s man, and serving up bacon, eggs and toast was a very dad-like thing to do, and he did it well. Dad instilled a love for bacon in me, and it has never abated. I know bacon has jumped the shark in professional kitchens these days, but I don’t care. My friends and I love bacon because we grew up loving bacon, food trends be damned.

I’m always on the lookout for yummy bacon recipes. My friend Maija comes up with the best, super simple and easy to make recipes, and quite a few contain bacon (you’re awesome Maija.) She posts a lot of them on her Canned Soup Mom blog at Yummy Mummy Club, and still more on her Maija’s Mommy Moments blog.

My absolute favourite breakfast recipe is Maija’s breakfast muffins. Click on the link for the full recipe and instructions. I prepare ours the night before and store in the fridge until I’m ready to bake them in the morning. They’ll be slightly more dense than if you assemble and bake immediately, but it doesn’t change the experience enough to make a significant difference.

On Christmas Eve, I’ll fry up some bacon (making lots exra for a midnight bacon snack) and prep these for Christmas morning. When the kids wake up, these will go in the oven while the coffee percolates, and by the time we’re done stockings and the shrieking has subsided they’ll be toasty and ready to enjoy in hand while we open presents.

Bacon Muffins 1

  Bacon Muffins 3

 Bacon Muffins 5

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