Best. Cupcakes. Ever.

I mastered iced sugar cookies a few years back. I have a killer sugar cookie recipe (I promise I’ll post it soon) and have perfected my system of making the dough, baking the cookies, making the icing, icing the cookies, and drying them that is methodical and patient and gorgeous and delicious. They are works of art.

But I’d never spent the time mastering the epic cupcake. Avenue Cakery and Bakeshoppe in Airdrie makes the most incredible cupcakes. Layered and filled and topped with elaborate icings and flavour profiles, they’re huge and dense and delightful. I’ve always wanted to be able to make an Avenue worthy cupcake, even if the whole process would take hours and hours.

For a friend’s birthday I made the Double Chocolate Raspberry cupcake recipe from Annie’s Eats. It was divine. But not quite … enough. The cake part was perfect – it tasted just as good as Avenue’s. However, the ganache glaze, although lovely, wasn’t as epic as I wanted. I needed something with more of a wow factor.

I decided these would be the ones. Triple Chocolate Cupcakes.

I won’t reinvent the wheel – you can find the recipe in the link above, along with the detailed instructions. Spend some time on her site – such incredible recipes and gorgeous photos too.

Triple chocolate cupcakes

You cannot rush these kinds of cupcakes. From start to finish it took me three hours to make 36 cupcakes.

These are not the cupcakes you frantically assemble the night before your seven-year-old’s school birthday party, putting pudding mix in the box mix and piping canned frosting (yes, I do this. They’re SEVEN. They don’t know the difference!).

These cupcakes are not to be wasted on children. They are to be made for very special occasions for people who are worth it. The friends who have helped you move four times without telling you to stop being a cheap bastard and hire movers already. The friend that takes all of your kids overnight to save you $200 in babysitting. The friend that shovels your sidewalk even though they have to walk a block to do it. Or just … those friends who need a pick me up, a bit of light and love and who won’t judge you for being so ridiculous and spending three hours in the kitchen baking cupcakes when cupcakes from a box and a can take 17 minutes.


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