Book Club Crash

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I’m friends with a group of women who hold a monthly book club. Though I often read the book, I never attend their book club. Book clubs just aren’t my thing. However, when they selected 419 by Giller Award-winning author Will Ferguson, I knew I had to attend. And I decided to drag Will with me.

When I was a student at the University of Calgary I took a Canadian Humour course that asked us to write a paper on our favourite Canadian humourist. Everyone chose Stephan Leacock – I chose Will Ferguson. At the time he had two or three books under his belt and I couldn’t find anything about him online (those were the early days of the internet you know). So I emailed his publisher.

A few days later, Will emailed me back, inviting me for coffee at a local Starbucks. We chatted for two hours, and he became a lifelong friend. He even wrote the forward to my first book. (And incidentally, I scored an A on the paper.)

Fast forward to the book club. I decided to have some fun with it, and also invited a friend who freelances for CBC Radio. The night of the book club she came and taped us talking about the book, and everyone thought it was for a straightforward book club story. Half an hour into the evening, the doorbell rang. And in walked Will!

As usual, he charmed the pajama pants right off us all (yes, some of the group had decided to wear pajama pants that evening). Will is very charismatic and just as funny in person as he is in his books. The girls enjoyed hearing the detail behind the story, the research that went into the book, and other stories he took the time to share. Will hung out for a while, then signed autographs and posed for photos before he headed back out into a raging April snowstorm.

I’d love to post the CBC tape of the Book Club Crash, but unfortunately it was delayed due to the incident in Boston, and then ultimately cancelled due to the long delay from taping to airing. But some of the book club attendees have posted blogs about the experience – you can read @HometoHeather‘s post here, @danawyyc‘s post here, @MrsBrits post here and @CatieDabels post here.

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Will and I. Go buy his book yo!

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  1. So THAT is how it happened. I have been wondering for ages!

  2. It was a fantastic night and Will is a hoot. So much fun was had!

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