Clam digging in Belliveau Cove

Growing up in Nova Scotia, I’d gone clam digging a few times. More as a novelty than to obtain sustenance. We had done our digging in West Jeddore or the aptly named Clam Harbour, on the eastern shore. 

Now that we live in Annapolis Valley, I wanted to take the kids clam digging on the Fundy side of the province. I booked a clam digging excursion through the Belliveau Cove Visitor’s Centre for a lovely holiday Monday afternoon while my dad was visiting. 

Our guide, Andrew, provided the buckets and shovels, and showed us how to find the different kinds of clams. We dug up mostly soft shell clams, and found a couple bar clams too, and an empty razor clam shell. 

We didn’t take any home, but there were people digging to take home. We chose to swing by the fisheries instead and buy a 15lb bucket of cleaned clams for $40. 

The kids had such a great time. We’ll definitely go back to dig again, and just to spend time playing on the ocean floor, looking for shells and crabs while the tide is out. 

Finding a sand hole, indicating a clam is hiding below.
Digging for a clam
Coco with the first clam she found.
Jackie would have stayed all day quite happily.
Andrew showing us an opened clam (it had been broken anyway)
The adductor muscle of a clam – basically it’s a “scallop.” You can eat it raw – and I did!

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