Craft night

When I was little, I remember lingering around the kitchen trying to unobtrusive so my mom wouldn’t send me to bed. I wasn’t watching her cook – I was watching her craft.

She had a group of girlfriends she would craft with, all of them working on the same project.

This year, as part of my “see my friends IRL” commitment to myself, I began hosting craft nights. I invite a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, giving people a chance to make new friends. You can bring food to share, or not – I always have some simple snacks available. Don’t ring the doorbell, just come in, and help yourself to any beverage in the fridge.

So far this year we’ve cross stitched, painted wooden air plant boxes and tried our hand at nail and string art.











I have learned a few things from being a frequent host.

  • Choose a really simple craft that can be totally completed in under two hours.
  • No glitter. Never glitter.
  • Ask for payment up from if you’re providing the supplies, or let them bring their own, because…
  • You can expect a 30% drop out rate the day before or day of an event. Kids get sick, husbands forget to put their hockey in the calendar, etc.
  • Use Pinterest wisely. Make sure you’ve checked your craft out on various sites so you’re sure it will work, or ask someone who’s done the craft before to lead the group.

Happy crafting!

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