Dinosaur planters

I was inspired to make these dino planters after seeing them on etsy. Designer Lucas Michael Mamo went to school to become a fashion designer and graduated from Central Michigan University. He came up with the idea for these planters, and while there are lots of copycats out there, his are funky and affordable, so if you don’t want to make your own (don’t overestimate your box cutter abilities) you can buy them from him.

Dinos 1

Buy a plastic dinosaur, one that doesn’t feel too thick when you squeeze it. The thicker they are, the harder it will be to but the opening (and the more likely you’ll be to hurt yourself doing it). Using a box cutter, slice into the toy to make an opening.

Dinos 2

Paint the dinos any colour you choose. I’ve made these for my friend’s kids, so they’re painted to match their room decor.

Dinos 3

Once dry, fill the dino with soil and the plant of your choice. Succulents or cacti work well as they require little attention. Air plants which require no soil at all and just the occassional misting of water. I like they way they look and the low maintenance of them is ideal for kids, but I had a hard time finding them locally.

Dinos finished 1

Dinos finished 2

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