Do things that scare you

I am terrified of heights, and petrified of being fully submerged under water.

Snorkelling, rock climbing, zip lining, sky diving, trapeze swinging, bungee jumping – the mere mention of these adventures send my gut rolling.

And yet, I’ve done them all. Shaking, quivering, drenched in cold sweat with my stomach clenched in knots, and sometimes full blow ugly crying, I’ve never turned down an opportunity to do something incredible and adventurous.

There’s something so empowering about being full blown terrified of taking that step – up the side of a mountain, off a ledge or an airplane – and doing it anyway.

I once read a quote that said,

“Whenever you are presented with a choice, ask yourself which option you would prefer to have taken in ten years.”

My experiences snorkelling with sharks, skydiving with my dad and zip lining outside Vegas are some of my treasured experiences.

This weekend I’m headed to Quebec City to try one of four Canadian via ferrata experiences. Via Ferrata is a cabling/climbing adventure that allows even total beginners to scale the side of a mountain. While I know it’s perfectly safe, I’ll still be a totally anxious mess. And I’m still going to do it anyway.

What fears have you overcome?

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  1. FUN. Cannot wait for the follow up!!!

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