Finding friends at a conference

I spent the last few days in Toronto on a work conference with 1,400 people from across the world. An hour into the welcome reception, I had found my people, the people I’d spend much of the next four days hanging out with.

Walking into a room full of strangers is intimidating for most people, but I love it. I start scanning the faces around me, looking for the people who seem quick to smile and laugh, whose faces are open and welcoming.

This trip I found five new friends. Paul from Sydney, Australia, Stephanie from Texas, Lynn from Chicago, Tara from New York City and Tony from Minneapolis. I snuck them into the Canadian after party, dragged them around to Salad King for Thai, marched them across downtown for Crepes in Kensington Market and patio beers in Church Wellesley. We capped the final night with a Blue Jays game and more patio time, storytelling and laughing until the wee hours of the morning.


Do you like opportunities to meet new people or are you terrified by it?

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  1. Lynn from Chicago! says: Reply

    It was great meeting you “Sarah with the great dress from Calgary.” Thanks for taking us foreigners under your wing , showing us a good time and teaching us the Canadian ways (including a proper, “nice” sports taunt!)

    Oh and by the way, speaking of Canadian ways, I know now it probably drove you a little crazy when I kept sayings friend was in Alberta — I’m sure you were thinking, “uh, I’M in Alberta.” Duh. Turns out my friend is in Calgary. 🙂 I’ve spent some time with a Canadian map since I got home — something I should have DONE before the trip!

    Thanks again for everything and hope to see you in San Francisco next year!

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