Goodbye gifts

We’re leaving Alberta in a week, and I’ve wanted to give those closest to me something to remember me by. Naturally, I decided to make small cross stitched gifts. I found time over the winter between purging and packing to create these little gifts. 

This one’s for my boss – she’s really not grumpy at all, but we tease her about being a grumpy cat.
This one is for a friend I usually hang out with over a glass (or two, or three) of wine.
For our graphic designer at work. I think this is my favourite.

I designed a few from scratch, and in some cases found a few images searching perler bead designs (a great way to find simple designs that will work for cross stitching too). Some of them, like the “I’ll miss the crop outta you” one, took me a long time pondering to come up with just the right joke/message. 

I hope they like them!

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