I have a new kitchen!

Well, almost. The conditions were lifted on the house we put an offer in on last week. We take possession on August 15. I am beyond excited about the very best feature of the house – the kitchen! I’m going from this:


Kids 016

To this:

New kitchen

What you can’t see in the photo is the enormous walk in pantry. You guys! A walk in pantry!

And see this gorgeous island? It will seat five kids around it comfortably, and it’s the perfect surface for rolling out dough, cooling cookies and slicing hundreds of mini cucumbers for pickles.

There are double the number of drawers and cupboards as my last kitchen, and the table will be tucked over on the left in the table nook, completely out of the way of the traffic flow of the kids. In our last house the fridge area couldn’t hold a large fridge, but now we get one with a bottom freezer and an ice and water dispenser on the front! (I know, everyone else has had this forever but it’s exciting to me!).

We’re not digging the dijon mustard colour, which is a sin since the owners repainted specifically to sell the house, but we plan on repainting before moving in this August.

I cannot wait to cook, bake and photograph food for my blog in this gorgeous kitchen!

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