I’ll be Gnome for Christmas

Looking for a cute craft for any garden gnome fans? This Christmas gnome tree ornament is charming and not complicated to make, but he is a little time consuming.

I made my own felted wool for this project. Yes, that’s ambitious, I know, but I couldn’t find felted wool locally and to buy and ship it was expensive. Plain old craft store felt just didn’t have the heirloom quality I wanted these little guys to have. I bought three 100% wool sweaters from Value Village for $8 and washed them in hot water and tossed them in the dryer. They shrunk and the wool tightened up into felt. I cut out all the seams and was left with the felted wool to work with.

I ordered the roving off etsy which was $15 for enough to make a few hundreds gnomes! I’ll need to find another project for the extra. I bought a felting needle at Michaels and promptly broke it on first use, using a regular needle that didn’t work quite as well for the rest of the project. I bought beads and thread and quilt batting for the stuffing from Michaels too – another $15.

With the materials I bought for $38 I could make at least a 50 small gnomes. But with each taking an hour to make from start to finish, five was my max. I decided to blow the pattern up by 50% and it took less time to make them. Cutting them out wasn’t so difficult at the larger size, and sewing them closed wasn’t as finicky either. Plus I like the larger size for giving as gifts – they feel more substantial.

I ended up making a dozen gnomes in three colours, none of which were a Christmas red. Adorable though, right?

2013-11-21 14.06.26-1

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  1. kat says: Reply

    Super cute & the idea of using old felted sweaters is great. The trick with felting needles is to keep them very straight when you work with them, otherwise they snap. Regular needles won’t felt because they aren’t barbed.

  2. Gail White says: Reply

    These are really sweet 🙂

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