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At a garage sale last summer I stumbled across an odd looking wood and fabric stand. The elderly lady running the sale explained that she was a seamstress, and the item was a portable sewing kit that latched closed or stood open. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, but I couldn’t pass up this cool item, especially for $0.50.

It languished in the back of my garage for the winter, and in the spring I finally decided that it would have a new life as a jewellery holder. I have a bunch of jewellery that was jumbled on drawers and counters and I never put my earrings down in the same place and therefore was constantly losing them. No more!

To start, I ripped off all the old and rotting fabric, then wiped down the wood with a damp cloth. I unscrewed most of the hardware, and then spread out paper to paint.

Doing all the things 039

I used baby blue interior latex paint leftover from painting my bathroom, and slapped it on. I wanted a rustic, vintage look, and it worked perfectly. No sanding or gloss coat needed – I loved the look of it immediately.

Initially I thought I’d back the open bottom with cork, and bought some from a roll (you can see it above). However, I couldn’t get it to flatten! I literally upended my kitchen table for 24 hours after wetting the cork and it still had curve. So I bought a large sheet of Styrofoam for $14 and cut down the sizes I needed.

I used a hot glue gun to attach fabric (given to me by a crafty friend who a great fabric stash) to the Styrofoam, and snugged it into the openings. Then I reattached all the hardware.

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Then my husband hung it on the wall for me, and I added cute pins to hang bracelets and hoop earrings from. Not counting the cork fail (I’m saving it for another project) my total cost was $14.50.

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