Lemonade Stand

Apparently, this is what a lemonade stand is supposed to look like, according to Just Another Day in Paradise. That lemonade stand took a month of a half of collecting items, hand stitched pennant banner, three separate types of homemade baked goods and ridiculously adorable matching outfits for the mini sellers. Seriously – you need to click through and read her gorgeous post about her adorable boys and look at this incredible lemonade stand. It’s amazing.

This is what our lemonade stand looks like. The neighbour made cookies since she was making them anyway for another event, and my eldest made the sign. I made lemonade from a mix. Other than the cookies, setting up our lemonade stand took all of, um, 4 minutes?

2013-05-11 08.42.54

Sometimes I’m Pinterest worthy, sometimes I’m not.

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  1. It doesn’t have to be cute to get people to stop! I doubled around to the block to pay $0.10 for a shot of water last weekend 🙂
    Are the overboard decorations more for the mom?

  2. It’s all about a good salesperson and that smile is all the pitch I would need. Super cute.

  3. Pinterest mom’s freak me out. I love your stand, its perfect!

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