Make your own sushi

My friend’s son Bryce is crazy for sushi, so I set up a sushi making night just for him. At the Asian supermarket I picked up good quality sushi rice, sashimi, fresh wasabi, sushi vinegar, nori and a few rolling mats, plus cucumber and imitation crab.

I made the rice in advance by following the instructions on the package. I prepared a spicy crab filling by breaking up the crab and mixing it with sirachi and mayo, and sliced the cucumber and sashimi into strips too. I covered the sushi mats with plastic wrap and we were ready to go.

Assembling sushi for a personal meal is a lot of fun, as you won’t feel any pressure to get it perfect. Simply lay out the nori, cover it with a thin layer of rice, add your fillings and roll tightly. Let it sit for a few minutes before slicing with a hot, sharp knife. We made a few inside out rolls speckled with sesame seeds too.

Sushi making 1

Sushi making 3

Sushi making 2

Sushi making 5

Sushi making 6

Sushi making 7

Sushi making 8

Bryce not only ate his fill, but he told everyone he met for days that he had made his own sushi. He looks pretty proud of himself doesn’t he?


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  1. Jenny H says: Reply

    Love that kid. It was yummy sushi too!

  2. Viv Sluys says: Reply

    We try to make sushi at least once a month. Some months it happens a few times! The kids love helping (and consuming)

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