Making Alberta memories

Growing up, our families were big into camping. We’ve done a bit of camping with the kids, but tenting with three early risers was exhausting. At a certain age it even felt like the kids were actively trying to get themselves killed by drowning, being lost in the woods, etc.

Last summer, in a fit of rage over three sleepless nights in a tent, I threw the ancient tent into the campground garbage bin, vowing never to camp again without more creature comforts.

We recently bought a tent trailer, and took it out to Gull Lake, Alberta for the Canada Day long weekend.

The kids are just the right age to run off with their new campground friends, go to sleep when we tell them to, sleep in, get their own snacks, etc.

This was one of my favourite weekends with the kids. I can see fond memories being formed in this photo!

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