Maple Bacon Sriracha Caesars

One of my favourite cold weather drinks is a made-in-Calgary classic – the Caesar. A variation of the Bloody Mary, the Caesar replaces the tomato juice of the Bloody Mary with clamato juice (clam and tomato juice) for a twist.

I like to have a little fun with my Caesars, and came up with this Maple Bacon Sriracha Caesar recipe that’s sweet and hot and salty and seriously yummy.

1 ounce vodka
4 ounces clamato juice
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
Dash of Sriracha sauce
Pepper to taste
1 strip of crispy cooked bacon, diced
1 strip of crispy cooked bacon for garnish

Rim a high ball glass with with Map-O-Spread and dip into the finely minced cooked bacon. (I did try using maple syrup at first, but it was too runny to hold the diced bacon). Add the vodka and clamato juice. Season with pepper, Worcestershire and Sriracha to taste. Stir well.  Garnish with a strip of crispy bacon. Delish!

If you have even more time on your hands, you can try making this Bacon Infused Vodka.




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