Meeting Katy Perry

Last week I had the opportunity to meet one of the biggest pop stars in the world – Katy Perry. Sheri from This Bird’s Day invited me as her guest as part of her #PGMoms and @Covergirl campaign.

What do you wear to meet Katy Perry?

Meeting Katy Perry what to wear 1.JPG

Meeting Katy Perry what to wear 2.JPG
And kitty shoes!

Meeting Katy Perry what to wear 3.JPG
And hair extensions!

Sheri recently grew her personal blog into a lifestyle magazine for Canadian women, and I’ve been contributing travel articles to her (she’s now accepting contributors if you’re interested in writing for TBD). We enjoyed a great dinner at Cactus Club brainstorming ideas for the magazine and talking about the ins and outs of blogging.

Then we headed to Rexall Place, were escorted backstage, and waited in the elaborate prism lounge for Katy Kat to appear. Sheri and I were joined by a few contest winners, as well as a child from Make a Wish. One of her staff let me know that even when they don’t do meet and greets with fans or contest winners, Katy always makes time for Make a Wish kids. How fantastic is that?

In a blur, Katy strutted in, resplendent in shimmering silver, and greeted each of us individually. She asked us questions or complimented us (me on my kitty shoes), and we got a hug and a photo.

Then we were escorted back up to fantastic seats where we watched her elaborate and fantastically entertaining show.

I was only able to sing along to I Kissed a Girl and Fireworks, but I definitely enjoyed the show and all the associated excitement of meeting a huge star.

And yes, my kids are super jealous.

Meeting Katy Perry what to wear 4.JPG

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  1. Sheri says: Reply

    Great post. I had so much fun. Thanks for being my +1.

  2. SUPER exciting!! I got to meet Cody Simpson a few weeks back, and while it wouldn’t have been my choice of celebrity, the hype around it all was super fun! Looks like you had a great time!!

  3. Maija says: Reply

    The Kitty shoes were a perfect choice 🙂

  4. Very, very cool and you looked great too!!

  5. What’s it like being gorgeous. Totally outshone Katy 🙂

  6. Katie says: Reply

    So cool!! I really want her skirt.

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