My Christmas list

How is it that I can be so boss at buying gifts for others, and totally at a loss when my mom and husband ask what I want?

(And I really am an awesome gift giver.)

I just feel like now that I have kids, receiving gifts isn’t a big deal anymore. I don’t get my heart set on anything and am happy to just give. But, they insist on a list.

It took hours on the Google but I’ve settled on a few “I’d love to have” items that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself – or at least, won’t get around to buying for myself until after Christmas.

Thug Kitchen: Party Grubbook_front

Their first cookbook is excellent, and I’ve loved every delicious vegan bite.

Le Crueset Salt Crock0020_salt_crock_carribbean

Because it’s a pain to find and unroll the bag of sea salt every day.

East Coast Lifestyle wear

east coast lifestyle

I’ve wanted an ECL hoodie for awhile. Maybe this is the year I get to sport my Nova Scotia pride in one.
What are you asking for this Christmas? Do you make a list for yourself?

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