My Etsy Shop

I love scouring thrift and vintage shops and garage sales for unique, beautiful, vintage things. But in our new, smaller home, I don’t have places to display all the awesome stuff I find. So a few weeks ago I launched at Etsy store. Feathers & Old Fashioneds lets me indulge in the thrill of the hunt, display my pretties in my home until they sell, and give them new life in someone else’s home.

It’s very much a hobby, as I don’t anticipate making enough of a profit to do much more than pay for the inventory and gas/lunches out. I don’t make special trips in to town or the city to find items, but typically will pull over at a garage sale while running summer errands or on my commute. I have been uploading items when I have the time, usually while watching movies with the kids. (I’ve never been able to give movies my full attention.)

I thought I’d be a little sad to let go of things as they sold, but I’m excited to pass them on to someone who’s maybe been searching for exactly that right thing for a tablescape or vintage themed mantle.

Have you ever bought vintage items off Etsy?

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