Nova Scotia hodge podge

Hodge podge is a distinctly Maritime veggie dish, made from simple ingredients cooked, well, simply. No exact measurements here – just throw in what you’ve bought (or grown) in order of longest cooking to shortest, and top with cream, butter and a few seasonings. We never eat it on the first day – it’s always better the second day. Be sure not to overcook it – the vegetables shouldn’t be mushy.

Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge

Recipe makes 6 – 8 bowls

1 lb of baby potatoes sliced in half, or large potatoes cut into bite -sized pieces, skin on
1 lb carrots, sliced into rounds, skin on.
large handful of green beans
large handful of yellow beans
2 cups cauliflower, cute into small pieces
1 zucchini , cut into small pieces
2 cups cream (10% mf or more)
1/4 cup butter
1/2 sweet onion, diced
1 bunch green onions, sliced
ground mustard
salt & pepper

Cook potatoes for five minutes in boiling water, then add carrots. Let cook another five minutes, then drain off some of the water and add the rest of the ingredients. Cover and turn heat to medium so veggies cook/steam, stirring occasionally, until potatoes are cooked through but not turning to mush. While veggies are cooking, sauté onion in butter until translucent, then add to main pot.

When veggie are ready, pour off all but an inch or so of water, then add cream, butter and seasoning to taste. Heat to warm to eat immediately, or, preferably, cool and refrigerate to heat up the next day. Serve with bread or tea biscuits!

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