Oreo chocolate cream cheese cake

I can’t stop making cakes. Specifically, I can’t stop making Brown Eyed Baker cakes. So far I’ve made the Chocolate peanut butter cup cake and the Salted caramel apple spice cake. Both were awesome, though I loved the salted caramel one just a little more.

A friend posted on Facebook that she was craving cake and didn’t think any cake could meet her dream cake. I took that as a challenge, and prepared her an Oreo chocolate cream cheese cake. Three layers of dense chocolate cake, layered with cream cheese icing and broken Oreo cookies, topped with cream cheese icing, chocolate ganache and more Oreos. She loved it, and I want to share it with you.

I used the chocolate cake recipe from the Chocolate peanut butter cup cake, the cream cheese icing recipe from the carrot cake recipe, and her chocolate ganache recipe (using semi-sweet chocolate, not bittersweet).

You should make this cake.

Oreo chocolate cake 1




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  1. barb says: Reply

    I couldn’t find the oreo cream cheese cake recipe….or maybe I did and just don’t know it…

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