• The Old Ten Spot
  • The kitchen: in progress

    Back around Christmas time I started to get a little nervous about how I’d handle the kitchen in the new house. After all, I was going from gorgeous to gross. Literally only one person at a time could fit in the new kitchen, there was no storage and it felt dirty even after being scrubbed. […]

  • Craft
  • Goodbye gifts

    We’re leaving Alberta in a week, and I’ve wanted to give those closest to me something to remember me by. Naturally, I decided to make small cross stitched gifts. I found time over the winter between purging and packing to create these little gifts.  I designed a few from scratch, and in some cases found […]

  • Caring
  • Cookies for charity

    Last year, the girls and I raised $350 for Helping Hoc, an organizing run by my friend Stephanie Wong. Helping Hoc helps children in Vietnam receive food, shelter, education and life-changing surgeries. This year, we decided to fundraise alongside a friend. Tiffany of My Dirt has four awesome daughters, and the eldest, Bridgette, is travelling […]

  • Read
  • Word of the year

    For the past few years, the ladies in a few Facebook groups I’m in have selected a word for the year. It’s meant to inspire, provide focus and just generally be a mantra for their year. My woo-woo friend Michelle of MAKIA Creative (want helping making your business things pretty? She’s your gal) always comes […]