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  • Fall fun in Kamloops

    I’ve been to a fair number of small-ish towns and cities in British Columbia (a few favourites are Invermere, Cranbrook and really just anywhere in the Columbia Valley). This weekend marked my first trip to Kamloops, BC. A three hour drive from Vancouver, Kamloops is located at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River […]

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  • All the crafts

    I’ve had loads of fun crafting with friends lately. My three latest pieces are pressed flower art, a painted globe and a wooden sign. I learned about flower pressing from a class taught by Ayla of Gypsy Skulls. It was more challenging than it looks! We practiced our layouts, then used spray adhesive to place […]

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  • Most amazing cake ever

    How seriously amazing is this cake my co-workers made for me? It’s no secret that I love cross stitch. I spend a lot of my free time making ridiculous or raunchy pieces for friends. I love it so much I even have a cross stitch tattoo! So when my coworkers made me that cake, comprised […]