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  • RESP Myths

    My parents weren’t able to help out with my post-secondary education the way they would have liked to, and my experience paying my own way led me to write Sink or Swim: Get Your Degree Without Drowning in Debt. Once I had kids, everything about spending and saving and earning changed, and I used my […]

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  • Making Alberta memories

    Growing up, our families were big into camping. We’ve done a bit of camping with the kids, but tenting with three early risers was exhausting. At a certain age it even felt like the kids were actively trying to get themselves killed by drowning, being lost in the woods, etc. Last summer, in a fit […]

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  • Year in review

    Each January I look back at my year and figure out what I liked, didn’t like and what things seemed to hang around on my to do list without ever being finished. Did I read the books I bought? Finish the crafts I started? Spend enough time with friends, or too much time at things […]