Picture Frame Decor

I finally finished a craft/décor project last week that I’m embarrassed to say has been two years in the making.

When you enter our house you pop right into the living room facing a large wall. Until two summers ago it featured your standard photo collage of about 14 photos in similar black frames and white mats. Very 2006, I know. Though my husband loved it, I was sick of it. On a whim I pulled down the frames, filled the house and repainted the wall, getting ready for something else. Only I wasn’t sure what that something else should be.

At a garage sale I found a bunch of ornate, old wooden frames. I brought them home, pulled out the photos and paintings.


Then I painted them a glossy white. I hung them on the wall with the intention of putting the kids artwork into them.

frames white


Except I never did. I think for a while one of the frames had a solitary tacked up kids colouring sheet. I never got around to matting their artwork or cutting it into the appropriate shape for the frames.

Last summer a friend was clearing her house out to move, and gave me of pretty fabrics from her. I used some of it for my jewellery holder, but had plenty left. This spring I finally selected my coordinating favourites, glued them onto bristol board cut to size, and attached them into the frames. Then I hung them up. Instant love!

I like the pop of colour and how I don’t have to feel guilty every single time I walk into my house. Even my husband likes them (though he still prefers the photos).

2013-05-16 19.47.41

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  1. SO cute! I love old frames and antique window frames, currently I have a garage full waiting for me to do something with and hang if Nai’s room (she may be in University before it happens, but it’s the thought that counts right?)

  2. JodyR says: Reply

    I think this looks fabulous! I wanted to do a gallery wall, but now am worried it’ll look 2006. Can you please come to my house? 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says: Reply

    Cute! Another fun way you can do this with fabric is to buy embroidery hoops of varying sizes (I’d garage sale ’em) and stretch pieces of fabric in them. Glue down the fabric on the inside edge and then trim away the excess. Viola!

  4. I like it and LOVE the wall colour.

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