Repurposed Christmas wreath

DIY, upcycling, repurposing – whatever you call it, I love it. I’ve been wanting to create a wreath with a bottle brush tree theme, since some of my favourite bloggers have been creating them (check out this adorable bottle brush candle holder and a few other bottle brush items Jo-Anna from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs made).

I picked up a tacky wreath for $3.99 at Value Village to deconstruct. (I also bought a bag of metal Christmas cookie cutters to use, but I didn’t end up using them for this project.)

I removed everything before wrapping it with a string of fairy lights I had used on an umbrella for Beakerhead last year. 

Then I glued on a couple of cute bottle brush trees. 

Jo-Anna had also gifted me a bottle of wine at our annual Open House, and I decided to repurpose the trendy ribbon from the bottle as a bow. It does double duty hiding the battery pack for the fairy lights. 

What do you think? 

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  1. Love everything about this so much Sarah! xo

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