Screen room makeover

I have had so much fun cleaning up my screen room! This room is on the back of the house and faces the lake. It’s surrounded by windows on all three walls, and all the windows open up with screens to allow for plenty of air flow. It doesn’t ever get too hot in there, which is perfect. Each window has ugly (but super functional) mini blinds that can be tweaked to shield the sun as needed.

This room had a filthy couch in it, a rickety old picnic tables and about one million spiders and dead flies.

I dragged everything out and scrubbed every inch. Then I painted the floor a basic white floor paint ($25 at Canadian Tire). I wanted something simple and easy to clean.

I hung discount curtains ($5 each from Walmart) over the siding to camouflage it, and added pretty vintage tablecloths found at garage sales ($2 each). The couch was rescued from the side of the road, and I removed the vinyl. The awesome green fabric underneath had a large rip, covered by a blanket currently. Once winter keeps us indoors more I’ll think about making a new cover for it, something that will match the existing cushions, two of which are in perfect condition. 

The trunk was $50 at a vintage shop, and Keith added a set of castors he had in the workshop.

The orange chairs were freebies as well – they just needed a little elbow grease and tin foil to clean the rust off the metal.

The swinging chair I bought from my cousin for $60, and I added a chair pad also rescued from a spring clean up pile.

The suitcases I had found at a garage sale nearly a decade ago, and the ladder came with the property. The teak chest I had found at a vintage shop in Calgary and dragged across the country in our big move. It’s holding blankets that will hopefully let me extend the season for using the room.

I moved our small retro kitchen table into this room, as Keith and I like to have dinner in the screen room, or play cards in there in the evening. It’s definitely a room that’s going to get a lot of use spring, summer and fall!

If this doesn’t scream “happy place” I don’t know what would! 

Did I mention the view?

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    Sarah I love it .. it’s very sheik. Job well done

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