• The Old Ten Spot
  • The kitchen: in progress

    Back around Christmas time I started to get a little nervous about how I’d handle the kitchen in the new house. After all, I was going from gorgeous to gross. Literally only one person at a time could fit in the new kitchen, there was no storage and it felt dirty even after being scrubbed. […]

  • Craft
  • Craft night

    When I was little, I remember lingering around the kitchen trying to unobtrusive so my mom wouldn’t send me to bed. I wasn’t watching her cook – I was watching her craft. She had a group of girlfriends she would craft with, all of them working on the same project. This year, as part of […]

  • Craft
  • Desk makeover

    My middle wanted a desk for her room. I found this little cutie for $40 on a swap and buy site, and finally got around to repainting it this weekend. I had a $10 gallon of paint I bought from the mistinted cart at Rona, and sealed it with wax paste. Adorable, right?

  • Eat
  • I have a new kitchen!

    Well, almost. The conditions were lifted on the house we put an offer in on last week. We take possession on August 15. I am beyond excited about the very best feature of the house – the kitchen! I’m going from this:   To this: What you can’t see in the photo is the enormous […]