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  • The kitchen: in progress

    Back around Christmas time I started to get a little nervous about how I’d handle the kitchen in the new house. After all, I was going from gorgeous to gross. Literally only one person at a time could fit in the new kitchen, there was no storage and it felt dirty even after being scrubbed. […]

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  • Vintage Portland

    While in Portland recently I stumbled across the best vintage shop I’ve ever been in. Vintage Pink has awesome stuff, gorgeously merchandised and incredibly affordable. And me, with no way to get anything home to Alberta. A Portland road trip (with uHaul) is in my future.    

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  • T-shirt redo

    Do you repurpose clothing? I discovered Jillian from The Refashionista today, and her website has inspired me to start looking for a working sewing machine I can learn to use. I’ve always loved repurposing thrift store pieces, or new items of clothing that I love but just aren’t quite right. However, I’ve been pretty limited because I […]

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  • Desk makeover

    My middle wanted a desk for her room. I found this little cutie for $40 on a swap and buy site, and finally got around to repainting it this weekend. I had a $10 gallon of paint I bought from the mistinted cart at Rona, and sealed it with wax paste. Adorable, right?

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  • Thrifting Thursday #3

    I can absolutely see myself becoming a picker in my retirement years. When I have the luxury of time at my disposal, I want to spend my days in secondhand shops and hunting down garage sales, buying items to resell. My favourite picker is ThriftCore – I love the things she finds and have bought […]

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  • Thrifting Thursday #1

    Introducing Thrifting Thursday! I’m a die hard thrifter. Whether I’m scouring secondhand shops stores, vintage shops, garage sales or online used goods websites, I’m always on the look out for that perfect thing, at the perfect price. Beginning today, I’ll be featuring my latest finds each Thursday. I hope you’ll join me in blogging about […]

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  • Lamp Refresh

    I dream of having a serene, white and turquoise office someday, with whitewashed wooden floors, vintage furniture and a feature wallpaper wall. Until then, my office is my laptop on my bed in my bedroom, which is officially the ugliest room in the house. At a thrift shop in Middleton, NS two summers ago I found […]