The kitchen: before

In 14 weeks I’m trading that kitchen, above, for this one.

I’m going from eight drawers to ONE. From 22 deep cabinets to 8 shallow ones. From a walk in pantry to no pantry at all (unless you count this weird bookcase as a pantry.)

The space is tiny. It doesn’t flow. The cabinets don’t match. The appliances don’t match. The sink cabinet is rotted and needs a complete removal. The counter top is fugly.

Keith says this wall needs to go, and it’s not load bearing, so it can go.

I’m trying to be optimistic about how it’ll look and function when we’ve changed things around, but our budget is essentially zero, as everything we have will need to be sunk into the business.

Just hold my hand and tell me it’s all going to be OK, OK?

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  1. Leo deveau says: Reply

    I have faith in you and kieth

  2. mike says: Reply

    It’s going to be okay!

  3. Hal says: Reply

    I love doing demo. I’ll be right over with my sledge hammer and recip saw.

  4. it will be ok.

  5. Jody says: Reply

    It’s going to be great because you’ll have the people you love most in the world in that kitchen. And I’ll be close by too!!

  6. Carrie says: Reply

    It’s going to be ok because it’s your kitchen. You will fill it with love and your awesome baked goods. You’ll come up with an awesome plan and make changes over time that make sense. I have complete faith that you are all over this. ❤️Soon that kitchen will be filled with new friends playing NSFW card games and hockey after parties. ❤️

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