The kitchen: in progress

Back around Christmas time I started to get a little nervous about how I’d handle the kitchen in the new house. After all, I was going from gorgeous to gross. Literally only one person at a time could fit in the new kitchen, there was no storage and it felt dirty even after being scrubbed.

We’ve been in the house for just over a month now, and have been working on a dozen projects all at once. Removing the kitchen wall, adding a wall to create Kate’s room, creating a massive vegetable garden, fixing various doors, walls, windows and plumbing – and oh yeah, getting baby chicks!

Gratuitous baby chicken shot

The kitchen is nearly done, and I thought I’d share some in progress photos. Keith has since added a light fixture over the island and drywalled in the pony wall next to the microwave. The floor still looks like crap – it will have to wait until the summer or fall, when we tackle the whole main floor.

The wall is gone – lathe and plaster underneath.


Wall is gone, shelf remains. You can see the start of the pantry behind it, where it had been open to the living room.


The pantry is done! The door actually came from some of the wall panelling that came off the wall in one piece.


This piece will become our island. I found it in the barn and sterilized the daylights out of it. Keith removed the higher part in the back and pried up the rotten top.


The tiny brown apartment sized fridge was replaced with this full-sized, stainless steel fridge that we bought for $300 on Kijiji in Alberta and dragged across the country.


Doesn’t the island look amazing?

I’m really happy with the results. It’s amazing what some paint and removing¬†cupboard doors and an awkward¬†wall will do to open up a space. The island is reclaimed – I found it in the barn and cleaned it up. It’s built from an older military shipping crate, and we left the original paint and lettering.

The reno cost us just under $200 – for the barn door hardware, paint and some baskets. Any other supplies were repurposed from the barn or workshop, which the previous owners left with odds and ends of things in the corners of the outbuildings. I don’t think we did too shabby for our style of “Farmhouse style.”

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    Love the pics and the renos, looks great!!

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