Thrifting Thursday #3

I can absolutely see myself becoming a picker in my retirement years. When I have the luxury of time at my disposal, I want to spend my days in secondhand shops and hunting down garage sales, buying items to resell. My favourite picker is ThriftCore – I love the things she finds and have bought a few on etsy just for me.

As for now, if I see something while thrifting that I’m certain I could resell at a profit, I snap it up. Here are a few recent successful picks:

A Trunki, purchased for $2, sold for $20
A pretty pink scrapbook, purchased for $2, sold for $5
Halloween decor, purchased for $15, sold for $50
Five toddler Halloween costumes, purchased for $1, sold for $5 each

The photo below shows a few amazing finds from a garage sale this weekend. For $10 we bought the following brand new, never opened items: little girl make up kit, Barbie hair styling head, Bratz doll, two board games, two craft kits and a puzzle. Had I been buying to pick, I could have easily resold all of these items for over $60. Because I was painting our new house a more neutral colour though, I was a nice mom and let the kids play with their finds.

Kids garage saleCue awkward smiles

Have you ever bought something at a thrift shop and resold it for profit?

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  1. I haven’t ever done that but now I want to! Such a great idea. Where do you usually sell your finds?

    1. Sarah says: Reply

      Some on kijiji, but usually through – it’s a very active buy and sell website and the smart phone app is fantastic and easy to use.

  2. laura says: Reply

    I haven’t bought to re-sell, but i am always scoring AWESOME deals for stuff for my house and my kiddos, and also get lots of Christmas gifts for people too!

  3. Erin says: Reply

    I totally want to be a picker. LOVE IT.

    Did you find a community near you for Varage Sale? Doesn’t seem to be anything out here yet…or are you packing stuff up to ship?

    1. Sarah says: Reply

      I’m in Airdrie, and the Varage Sale community here is huge! It’s a very active site.

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