Thrifting Thursday – Dresser Redo

I’ve always hated our bedroom dresser, but was limited by budget and size. My husband keeps a long, narrow fish tank on our bedroom dresser, and long dressers don’t come cheap. At least, they don’t when you buy new.

I discovered this ugly dresser on VarageSale last week, and loved the lines of it. It was solid, and I liked that it was off the floor – I’m so over heavy looking furniture that lays against the floor.


I removed the handles and painted it solid brown to have a layer to distress down to.


I then covered it in a super light cream. Over the cream I white washed it with a mix of white paint and water. I was going for a distressed look, so I brushed it rather than using a paint sprayer.


My best friend took over the distressing, as she has a better eye for that part of the job. She used sandpaper, a wire brush and a chisel to take some of the paint and get the brown showing through. The original wood was too light for the distressing look I wanted, but if you like the wood colour under, you can simply brush the lighter colour over it.

I didn’t sand, strip or prime the piece, as it was pretty scratched up and a lot of the finish was gone anyway, so I was confident the paint would hold and not chip or peel off in big chunks. I wax sealed it rather than using┬ávarathane or polyacrylic, which aren’t supposed to yellow white finishes, but in my experience, it always does. I like the look and feel of wax too, but if you have questions about paste wax versus poly, Jennifer Rizzo has a great comparison of the two products.




Dresser Redo

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  1. Oh… that looks soooooo much better!

  2. that is a fantastic dresser! LOVE!

  3. Love it. Looks great!

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