Thrifting Thursday #2

I’ve been putting up items for sale on Varagesale, a fantastic and very user friendly Facebook app, and yes, I’ve been buying a few items too.

Last week I bought an overflowing bag of girls clothing, sizes 6 to 10/12 for $50, and was thrilled to find more than 50 pieces of clothing inside. Three shirts had stains or holes, and they went into the camping bins. There were six pairs of Gap, Guess and Children’s Place blue jeans, which all three of my girls refuse to wear. I listed the jeans separately on the app and sold them for $60. That means the dozens of yoga pants, t shirts, long sleeved shirts and skirts my kids will wear for the next six years cost absolutely nothing – and I was paid for my time picking up the bag and then posting photos of the items I didn’t want.

You do need a little extra time to profit from buying clothing in lots, but when thrifting is enjoyable, it’s better than watching TV.

Looking for more tips on clothing your kids on the cheap? Read my article on Yummy Mummy Club to find out how I clothe my kids for under $150 a year.

How about clothing yourself for left? My friend Kath got a super cute outfit for under $15 at Value Village this week.

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  1. Brooke says: Reply

    Love this idea! I have never heard of the app so I will have to go check it out.

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