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  • Fall fun in Kamloops

    I’ve been to a fair number of small-ish towns and cities in British Columbia (a few favourites are Invermere, Cranbrook and really just anywhere in the Columbia Valley). This weekend marked my first trip to Kamloops, BC. A three hour drive from Vancouver, Kamloops is located at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River […]

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  • Vintage Portland

    While in Portland recently I stumbled across the best vintage shop I’ve ever been in. Vintage Pink has awesome stuff, gorgeously merchandised and incredibly affordable. And me, with no way to get anything home to Alberta. A Portland road trip (with uHaul) is in my future.    

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  • Do things that scare you

    I am terrified of heights, and petrified of being fully submerged under water. Snorkelling, rock climbing, zip lining, sky diving, trapeze swinging, bungee jumping – the mere mention of these adventures send my gut rolling. And yet, I’ve done them all. Shaking, quivering, drenched in cold sweat with my stomach clenched in knots, and sometimes […]

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  • Disney on a dime

    I’ve been to Disneyland (twice) and Disney World (once) with my eldest. I’m planning another trip in 2015 to take the younger two, and the anticipation of how I’ll surprise them and what we’ll do while there is nearly as much fun as the trip itself. Knowing I’m generally good with money, I’m often asked for advice on how to […]

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  • Bucket Lists

    Do you have a bucket list? I wrote my first bucket list at 9, and have been updating it annually ever since. While a few things have dropped off the list as I aged (like acting in a television commercial and writing a hit pop song), a few have been crossed off because I’ve accomplished […]

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  • Top 5 Calgary Day Trips

     What better way to see your region with fresh eyes than to give out-of-towners a tour around it? When my cousin Amber and her husband Adam brought 22-month-old Alexis to visit us in Calgary, I couldn’t wait to show them around. My friends at Chevrolet Canada hooked me up with a brand new 2014 Chevy […]