Trip of a lifetime

I have been on some amazing trips in my life. One of my favourites was an all-expenses-paid two week trip to New Zealand where I swam with sharks and hiked and ate and drank everything. It was amazing. How do you top a trip like that?

Apparently, by locking yourself in the cab of a truck for over a week with your husband and three kids!

We’re nearing the end of our cross-Canada relocation road trip. We left Alberta on Monday, March 20, and we’re now in Edmundston, New Brunswick. We’re so close to our final destination of New Albany, Nova Scotia, but a snowstorm has stopped us for a couple days. We’ve hunkered down with Netflix and books and an awesome pool with a waterslide to wait it out.

Ready to pull out from Airdrie. We all started crying seconds after this photo.
We stayed on Alberta time the whole trip, looking like ragamuffins for the breakfasts each morning after rolling out of bed in the nick of time.
The Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg was awesome.
We rotated floor sleeping ’cause we’re too cheap for cots. These sleeping pads from Atmosphere worked great.
There was some floor eating too.


Virtually no fighting the whole trip despite being inches from each other. Amazing.
Netflix’s download feature was a LIFE SAVER.
At Grandad and Memere’s we needed a little help in the deep, wet snow.
Chocolate for breakfast. As you do when you’re with the grandparents.
They wanted the expensive, fancy drinks. But they were gross and no one drank them πŸ˜‚
The sisterly love was out of this world. Adorable.
Seeing how maple syrup is made at a stop at a Sugar Shack. Did you know it starts off clear?
Maple taffy (twice boiled syrup) is poured on snow and rolled onto wooden sticks for a yummy treat.
Walking through downtown Montreal on our hunt for poutine.
Dog sledding was amazing! I told them in the morning that I couldn’t tell them what we were doing or daddy would make me cancel it because he’s cheap. When we arrived and I was registering us, Kate asked Keith if he would have made us cancel. He said yes πŸ˜‚. Guess who loved it the most? Keith! And Jackie was crazy about it. We all had a great time. Keith said he’s always thankful I’m around to make sure we do fun stuff like that.
After dog sledding you get to CUDDLE PUPPIES as long as you want!
This dope roared up on the snowplows like he was going to try to pass them. Didn’t happen. We had really bad roads for about four hours.
We picked a great hotel to stay in for two nights while we wait out the storm.
How happy do I look? I snapped a quick selfie on the sled. I think it really captures how joyful I felt.

A friend noted that this trip looked like an excellent “emotional decompression chamber” between leaving our friends and family in Alberta and starting our new life with our friends and family out east. Β It’s a great analogy – we have really had such a blast on this trip, and can’t wait to arrive and start the next chapter of our lives.

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  1. Faith says: Reply

    Looks like an amazing start to your new adventure. Good for all of you for making the brace leap and spending the extra time to make the journey east all part of the amazing memories.

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