What to do with kids artwork?

I hope you didn’t come here looking for an answer! I’m legit asking you – what the heck am I supposed to do with the artwork my kids bring home from school every day? This summer was bad enough with the dayhome artwork. But with three kids starting school tomorrow, I know I’m in for a deluge of artwork and worksheets.

I solved the first part of the problem – I bought a plastic container that stays in the van. The kids pile in at the end of the day and I spend a moment praising their work before placing it in the container so it’s not lost, ripped, stepped on or squished in a backpack.

Then what though? What do I do when this bin fills up? Do I throw it out? Keep scrapbooks? Or just buy another bin and label this one for storage and they can someday deal with it?

Tell me what you do!

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  1. Katie says: Reply

    I save it in a box on top of the fridge, then at the end of every month, I photograph everything. I keep my very favourite pieces, send a lot to relatives, and recycle the rest. I’m going to put the photos in a photo book. I have a SYSTEM.

  2. Good questions. HELP!

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