Winter weekend in Columbia Valley

As a rule, I very much dislike winter. I have zero interest in hurtling myself down the side of a mountain with boards strapped to my feet. When the team at Columbia Valley Tourism invited me out to their Winter Media Weekend, I contemplated saying no. But I had so much fun during my trip there in the summer, I decided to see if there was anything interesting in the Invermere/Radium/Panorama area in the dead of winter.

Turns out, winter is a fantastic time to hit the Valley, even if you don’t downhill ski or snowboard.

I stayed at the Residences at Fairmont and never wanted to get out of the amazing bed.

798295_439073472829815_2147087876_o(photo courtesy of the Residences at Fairmont Ridge)

I learned how to snow golf with the 12th annual Kinsmen Club snow golf tournament.

CV Tourism 12

I checked out the ski hill at Panorama and saw their tubing hill, which is much more my speed.

CV Tourism 11

I vintage shopped at this awesome store.

CV Tourism 8

I did not buy this owl and I wish I had.

CV Tourism 10

 I had yummy sushi made by chef owner Dan Shoemaker at Fubuki Sushi

CV Tourism 7

I had dill pickle soup at Hoodoo Grill, which was a real treat in the middle of nowhere. Want to try your hand at making this odd sounding but totally delicious soup? Check out Dinner with Julie for a recipe.
CV Tourism 3

I remembered how much fun skiing is when you’re not heading downhill. I skiied with Columbia River Outfitters on the White Way, a cross country ski track around Lake Windermere.

CV Tourism 2

By the end of the trip I wasn’t planning on signing up for any winter backpacking trips, but I definitely started to understand how people can enjoy getting out during the winter. Thanks to the Columbia Valley Tourism team for hosting!

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  1. I have never heard of snow golf! That looks like so much fun. I’m not a winter fan either, but your activities sound like a blast.

  2. Sonia says: Reply

    I have a hard time embracing winter, too – but this sounds like the best winter weekend EVER! Wow, that hotel looks gorgeous…and I agree – you *should* have bought the owl! 😉

  3. Looks like fun! It’s nice to know there are ways you can actually have fun during this crazy long winter we have had!

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