Word of the year

For the past few years, the ladies in a few Facebook groups I’m in have selected a word for the year. It’s meant to inspire, provide focus and just generally be a mantra for their year. My woo-woo friend Michelle of MAKIA Creative (want helping making your business things pretty? She’s your gal) always comes up with great words that actually help her to make each year more intentional. 

This year, inspired by Michelle, I decided to choose a word. I’m choosing the word “intentional” itself. 

I’ve found over the past couple of years my “squirrel!” has gotten out of hand. I’m spending too much time on things I’m not getting any joy from. I’m spending time vapidly scrolling through Facebook, or puttering around the house tidying things that will be pulled back out within hours. I’m not putting in enough time at the gym, calling friends, going for walks. I want to be more intentional with my spare time – especially since I’m going to have a lot less of it when we move down east and I have a 45 minute commute each way. I’m in the middle of reading Deep Work by Cal Newport to help me hone my focusing skills again. I recently read I Know How She Does it by Laura Vanderkam and it’s inspired me to be more aware of the time I have free each week and how I’m spending that time. It’s not about doing more, but planning what I do better so I can do more of what I love. 

I also want to be more intentional in the division of parenting and household duties. I have taken over everything in the house – assuming all responsibilities without even checking if Keith would take on more. I’ve been resentful about doing things I didn’t give him the chance to take on! We’ve been having lots of great conversations around the issue, and I honestly think it’s been harder on me to hand over the reigns on things than it has been for him to step up and take them. 

Do you pick a word to inspire you each year? Tell me about it!

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