Year in review

Each January I look back at my year and figure out what I liked, didn’t like and what things seemed to hang around on my to do list without ever being finished.

Did I read the books I bought? Finish the crafts I started? Spend enough time with friends, or too much time at things I ‘should’ go to? Did I feel stressed in the morning or evening routine? Did I save and spend according to plan?

Was I kind to my kids and other loved ones? Write enough thank you notes, notice when friends needed help and offer it?

I take my annual reflection seriously. I identify and make a plan to change the things that weren’t working for me, whether it’s my weight, my kids’ behaviour, my job or my relationships.

Normally I make an annual plan in my head of goals I’d like to achieve. This year I bought an agenda in which I’ve written out some basic goals and checkpoints. Here are a few of my goals this year:

Train for a half marathon in June – run three times a week
Switch roller derby leagues to one that’s closer to home and is more recreational than competitive
Hula hoop every day because it’s fun!
Try going gluten-free to see if it helps me feel better

Work/Life Balance
Limit myself to four media/writing trips
Limit my freelance work to two hours a week

Giving Back
Aim for three hours a week volunteering for Made by Momma
Write and mail two handwritten notes of encouragement or thanks to friends each month

Go to bed at 10:30pm weeknights. No excuses!
Spend more evenings at home – stop letting my FOMO (fear of missing out) lead me to overcommitting to derby, blogging events, media trips, wing nights, etc.

Do you review your year or make resolutions? Does regular self reflection drive change in your life?

New Year's resolutions

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  1. JodyR says: Reply

    I do the same, but I make sure I have some fun goals in there, too. Last year it was to do a backbend, which led me to doing hot yoga 1-3 times a week. This year it’s to play more boardgames with my family. I’m inspired by your commitment to giving back, I’ll be adding that one, too!

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