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Steve Aoki

“I still have champagne and cake in my hair!” That was me, standing in the McCarron International Airport in Las Vegas, talking to a long haired Japanese man carrying a pillow. The man had been walking past me and I stopped him, having recognized him as Steve Aoki, world famous DJ whose set I had seen hours just hours before.

I had been in Vegas on assignment from vacay.ca to write about two stories – a new Canadian tour company called Jump On Flyaways with a Groupon like business model departing from Calgary to sun destinations, and on the new Vegas trend of hiring high profile DJs to play their clubs and pool parties.

It was opening weekend for Hakkasan, literally the largest and hottest Vegas club ever. At 80,000 square feet, this five floor club contains a restaurant, private dining floor, two story nightclub and intimate lounge style nightclub. On the Friday night I saw deadmau5 hit the stage at Hakkasan close to 2am and danced for nearly three hours before finding my way back to my room at Bally’s. I recovered by staying out until only 4am the next night, dancing at the intimate nightclub ACT at Palazzo (no big name DJs in sight, but costumed dancers provided awesome entertainment).


Sunday afternoon I hit the Aokify party at Wet Republic at MGM Grand, where I wiggled my way to the front of the crowd to dance and be drenched in Aoki’s signature champagne spray and white birthday cake (he literally throws a well iced cake into the crowd, targeting exuberant fans on someone’s shoulders).

Now, exhausted and covered in sunscreen and sugar, I was a shaking fan girl in front of Aoki. He was gracious, encouraging me to find him at the Sasquatch Music Festival (where I’ll be seeing him next and there’s no way he’ll actually notice or remember me of course) and thanking me for coming for the show. I snapped a quick photo and let him go on his way.

Best. Vegas. Trip. Ever.


Meeting Steve Aoki


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    But did you get to eat any of that cake? Tempted? I know I would be…

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